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HOUSE FOR SALE by owners in Madison, MN across from hospital, three bedroom, oak woodwork, hardwood floors, open stairway, three stained glass windows, privacy fence, four new trees, new sidewalk and shingles. Call for more information, if no one answers please leave message. 763-550-0490 or 320-568-2567. Serious inquiries only.              36-TF

BOOKING SUMMER paint jobs. Call Roger at 320-839-3350 or 320-305-1721 for your estimate.      10-6*

DO YOU NEED YOUR PROM DRESS ALTERED?  There is still time to get the perfect fit for your special night.  Also taking appointments for wedding alterations for the whole wedding party!! I also design custom Garters!! Call Heidi at 320-325-5161.                                     11-2

ALANON MEETINGS every Tuesday, 6:30-7:30 p.m., Ortonville Community Center (use side entrance). Friends and family of alcoholics are invited.                                    32-TF*

AA MEETINGS every Monday, 8:30 a.m., 400 Washington St., Big Stone City, SD and every Tuesday, 8 p.m., Ortonville Community Center, 200 Monroe Ave. (use side entrance).


Help Wanted: Large turkey farm looking for a skilled laborer. Must be able to operated machinery and have a valid driver’s license. Pay will match ability. Call 320-297-0142.                                          10-3*

Help Wanted: RadioShack-Design Electronics in Ortonville is seeking a Part-Time Sales Associate. If you’re friendly and are able to work well with customers, we want to hear from you. Previous sales experience is a plus, but not necessary as we will train the right candidate. To apply just email your resume to mroelke@desrs.com. Apply today – as we’re looking for you!        11-2*

Card of thanks

Thanks to all of the faithful returning and new donors who took time to donate the life-saving gift of Blood at the Ortonville Blood Drive on March 17th. A total of 89 units were donated. Thanks to Kate, Sue, Julie, Don, Bruce and Craig for their dedicated volunteer work provided.  Also thank you ADA, Pepsi, Women of the Moose and to the New Life Baptist Church for the use of the Church.  Thank you KDIO and the Ortonville Independent for the excellent publicity given. THANK YOU TO ALL WHO RECEIVED PINS:  Arvene Van Hout 12 Gallons, Kathy Gilsdorf 10 gallons,  Sharon Carlson 7 gallons, Bonita Swezey 6 gallons. THANK YOU FIRST TIMERS in ORTONVILLE:  Rachel Berger, James Weinman, Mary Ross, Clyde Weros, Jacob Kleinasser, Carol Thompson, Bill Thyne, Joannie Tschetter, and Sam Wollman. Looking forward to the next drive June 16, 2015 and again thanks for giving hope to patients and their families by donating.

Evie Swigerd

11-1*            Ortonville Co-Ordinator

Card of thanks

Last week I realized it had been 8 months since I switched to teaching at the University of North Dakota full time.  It has been a very interesting and challenging change, taking over 2 programs that had been managed by the same person for 23 years.  I have really enjoyed the students, they are all bright and talented, full of energy, and very anxious to learn; which makes my job easy.  With this interaction, I have had time to reflect on what it takes to be a good physician.  I realized that after finishing medical school and residency you are still not a physician.  It takes years of seeing patients and experiencing the way disease is manifested and coped with in these patients; how it is people who have disease, not diseases that have people.  That it is as much art as science, and that there is a therapeutic effect of just seeing people and being involved in their lives that is priceless to the receiver and the giver.  I would not be able to speak out of experience without all of you who chose to see me and help me develop.  It was a joy to care for you and see your children grow, to see the community come together to build a healthcare system that is a regional leader, and to build friendships with the people I came to care for and appreciate.  In an ideal world I would be able to still see you and have that benefit, as well as the joy of passing on knowledge to students and helping them develop; but unfortunately you can’t do both.  I did want you all to know that I miss the people I worked with every day, they are talented and dedicated, and you have great providers to see and get care from. Also, everyone from the people working at the front desk, to the professionals in medical records, the nurses and CMA’s and Administration are all dedicated and caring people who do the things behind the scenes that are necessary to make sure the clinic and hospital run smoothly, and are there when you need them.  The truth is  I miss my patients the most; you were more than just a way to make a living for me; you were the reason I went to work in the morning with the hope that I could make a difference in your life.  I learned so much from all of you, and that is truly what the students are most interested in, and what gives me the most credibility with these students.  Those experiences are priceless, and are what really develop you as a physician; and I really need to thank you all for that. The great news is, my interaction with the community is not over, in fact the University of North Dakota School of Medicine and Health Sciences and Ortonville Area Health Services will be interacting more in the next number of years.  We just had a student on the Family Medicine Clerkship I direct rotating with the great physicians you have here.  She had a great experience, and I thank all of you for contributing to her education.  Starting in July, there is another student who will be in Ortonville for a program we call ROME, Rural Opportunities in Medical Education; a longitudinal program where the student spends 24 weeks at that facility to learn from the providers and interact more with all the services provided in that community. This program has been beneficial in returning students to rural practices, when they finish training.  Having been in Ortonville, the University allowed me to change the program to bring a student to a site that was not in the state of North Dakota, and also allowed the program to be changed to have only one student at certain sites.  My experiences with RPAP in Ortonville are already changing and improving the ROME experience.  There is a real need for good physicians to return to rural medicine, RPAP has been instrumental in doing this in Minnesota, including Ortonville, and ROME as it grows now will not only do this in North Dakota, but also the region including Western Minnesota. I miss you all, and appreciate when you say hi and stop to talk when I am in town.  I love to talk about what I have the opportunity to do now, and reminisce about what we have experienced together. I pray for all of you often and know that you are in good hands here in Ortonville, and wish you continued good health and happiness. 

Bryan S. Delage MD

Co-Director Family Medicine

Clerkship and ROME

University of North Dakota School      of Medicine and Health Sciences