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FEBRUARY IS SCHOOL PATROL MONTH and James Knoll Elementary sixth graders are shown above, along with Ortonville Police Officer Jordan Reiner and Big Stone County Deputy Sheriff David Hills, being recognized for their service to the school and community. The purpose of the school patrol is to assist children from the school in crossing the street safely. Also pictured with the students are Ortonville Principal Joel Stattelman and sixth grade teacher Mr. Joe Eustice. Patrol students, in no particular order, are Zackary Anderson, Tiffany Arndt, Austin Eastman, Caleb Edwards, Nathan Ehrenberg, Tyler Elberts, Adam Essington, Thomas Eustice, Keegan Hamann, Micah Henrich, Lauren Hicks, Audrey Kutzke, Nathaniel Miska, Ryan Muenchow, Nathan Neu, Heath Peterson, Jacob Radermacher, Dylan Strand, Andrew Strong, Abigail Teigen, Hailey Vanderwal and Tagen Zepeda.

School Board presented with Certificates of Appreciation

The Ortonville School Board was presented with Certificates of Appreciation from the Ortonville Student Council at their regular meeting on Thursday, Feb. 19. The meeting was moved to that day because of President’s Day on Monday.

Chais Brown, representing the student council, presented the school board members with the certificates for their dedicated service to the students and community. Last week, Feb. 16-20 was School Board Recognition Week.

Board members approved the revision of the Driver’s Education Contract for Candice Henningson. The classroom portion has been scheduled now in two different fiscal periods. One is scheduled in June and one in August. The August class will be included in the 15-16 extra-curricular contracts when approved at a later date.

An assistant gymnastics coaching contract was approved for Kelly Gustafson. Kelly had been acting as the assistant gymnastics coach this past year. A contract had not been previously approved.

The Board approved an assistant softball coaching contract to Mike Swenson for the upcoming season.

Superintendent Jeff Taylor informed the board that the “Safe Routes to Schools” mini-grant was approved to the school in the amount of $2,500. They plan on using the money to provide registration for eight fifth grade students to attend Legionville School Safety Camp this summer. It would also pay for safety belts and flags for the patrol.

They are also planning on providing bicycle helmets for participants in a school bicycle safety program during the month of May. This would be in cooperation of the Ortonville Police Department and the Big Stone County Sheriff’s Department.

In other business, Principal Joel Stattelman informed the board on events that have happened since the last board meeting and what will be coming up.

The Board approved the proposed 2015-2016 contracts for the SW/WC Service Coop.

The next meeting of the Ortonville School Board will be held on Monday, March 16 at 7 p.m. in the school library.

Seven members appointed to newly formed EDA Board

The Big Stone County Board approved a seven member board including two commissioners for the newly formed Countywide EDA at their regular meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 17.

Members appointed to the board were Rusty Dimberg of Ortonville for a three year term; Mark Kleindl of Graceville-one year term; Kent Morrill of Clinton-five year term; and Kristen Taffe and John Costello of Graceville for six year terms.

Commissioners appointed to the board were Brent Olson for a two year term and Jay Backer for a four year term. The appointments were made following a change to the resolution making it a five member at large and two county commissioners making it a seven member board.

The meeting was held in their new meeting room located on the lower level of the courthouse in the former Sheriff’s Office.

The remodeling is getting near completion, with the Assesor’s office now located on the second floor in the former Treasurer’s office. The Treasurer’s office is now located in the former Commissioners meeting room on the second floor.

Scott Gillespie of the Bois De Sioux Watershed District Board was present and gave the commissioners an update on some of the happenings with the Bois De Sioux. Gillespie’s term on the board is up in May. He expressed an interest on remaining on the board, however the position must be advertised.

In other business, the Board voted unanimously to raise the rate for a yearly pass at Toqua Park from $500 to $600. Commissioners Wade Athey and Jay Backer had attended a Toqua Park meeting with the City of Graceville and it was decided that a rate increase was warranted.

The next meeting of the Big Stone County Board will be on Tuesday, March 3 at 8:30 a.m. in the meeting room in the lower level of the courthouse.

Seth Parker